Color for the graphics, the holy thing!

Color has accompanied man since ancient times, over the centuries we can see how its symbolism and meaning change. Admiring and studying the art of the ancients, we can see how great the power restores them to color. Configuration mail from giving mystical to aesthetic symbolism. I have to admit that since those times it hasn’t changed much, design our home interiors, choose the color of the resource in the bedroom and pillows for the bed or styling in the wardrobe, also based on the colors we love, desire all colors go together and create an esthetic harmonious whole , or just were a collection of dyed we like. Well, the colors presented our soul, emotions that prevail in us as well as our entire personality. That is why a lot of research should be introduced, which check the influence of color on man, and thus a new trend was created which is the psychology of color. To motivate us to act or cool down a bit. Designing accordingly, what are available and even inseparable part is choosing the right colors. If we want to take full advantage of professionalism and cannot afford random selection So what do you follow? As a graphic designer, you are assured of an innate sense of aesthetics, but you should consider and supplement it so that you can read about the color of the color, know its meaning and follow fashionable trends, that we have some colors on top every season. Such color hits quickly fall into the user’s memory that it is a common knowledge of everyday life, very quickly adapts and identifies with them. He is more eager and quicker to catch the eye on a leaflet or brochure, which is in colors that are currently permanent for her or fashionable. Soon I will post a detailed analysis of selected colors. At the same time, everything is graphic 🙂