How to create a timeless logo?

 Creating a timeless logo is one of the most important stages in developing a business, which is why its design is often outsourced. Standing on the place of such a designer or computer graphic, the question arises in what format should we give the ready logo to the client. The question may be quite obvious to some, but it may be quite embarrassing for others.
People who know each other, although a bit on computer graphics know very well how many formats a file with graphics can have, it can be a file saved in PDF as well as a regular JPG or PNG. The most important is a thorough conversation with the client and getting to know his expectations, for a small company that is just entering the market a simple JPG file may suffice, but a large and professional company will certainly want something more sophisticated. In addition, sending logos in more sophisticated formats such as PDF or CDR will also prove our higher competences. It is certainly not worth going to extremes, because some extensions such as AI are not opened by all applications. Another factor that is worth paying attention to is the purpose of the file, if it is to hit the network is better to save it in PNG format, while print files are usually saved in JPG format. For the comfort of our work, it is worth preparing several different versions of one logo and saving them in several different formats. At first glance, it seems that it will be only a waste of time, nothing more wrong, let's imagine the situation when the client writes back to us that he has a problem with some extension, then we can immediately send him a file with the correct extension, which will translate into our image (it will look more professional).
   To sum up, the most important thing is to cooperate with the client and remember that we are the creator of the logo, so we have knowledge that the client does not need to have. That is why it is worth explaining what, how and why we do, as well as why we chose this and not another format.